//  Origin:  London, UK
//  Genres:  Avantgarde Jazz
//  Years Active:  2014- Present
//  Label:  BB Records (Babel Label)
//  Website: www.newsimplicitytrio.com
Short Bio

New Simplicity Trio formed in 2014, with the addition of Danish London-based double bassist Henrik Jensen to the long-standing and deep collaboration between Italian drummer Antonio Fusco and the British pianist Bruno Heinen. Their approach is rooted in the ideas initially put forward by the Evans/La Faro/Motion trio of a collective and equally voiced group, but with a contemporary compositional perspective, with contributions from each of the trio.

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Download Short Bio
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Work in progress for the next tour 2019-2020. Stay tuned !!



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Label: BB Records (Babel Label) | babel-label.bandcamp.com

PR: Lee Paterson | lee@gogobetween.com 

Management & Booking: 

BlueArt Management & Booking - Rosario Moreno -Jazz      Agent | +39 335 52 57 804 | moreno@blueartmanagement.com |


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